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Hudak proposes creating 200K skilled trades jobs

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is vowing to eliminate restrictions he says are getting in the way of job creation in skilled trades.

Hudak said he would allow more young people to train as apprentices so they can get jobs as plumbers, welders or electricians.

The PC leader spoke at a news conference at Arista Homes residential construction on Thursday morning in Vaughan, near Weston Road and Stanton Avenue.

“We actually have demands for jobs but a shortage of the skilled trades and it’s politically motivated,” Hudak told reporters.

“It’s an artificial road block [and] I plan to clear that aside. I’m going to do something about it, and we’ll create 200,000 of these jobs.”

The Liberal government’s policy limits the number of apprentices that are trained, and has led to fewer trades people in Ontario than in the rest of the provinces.

Hudak said his party would allow for a community college to offer trades training as a course.

He also said the PCs would get rid of the College of Trades, a self-regulating body for skilled trades, which was set up by the Liberals.

According to Hudak, the college is a bureaucracy that creates red tape and new taxes, thus preventing many young people from joining skilled trades.

Hudak has said that the June 12 provincial election is about one thing and one thing only: jobs.

Thursday’s announcement revealed details of his plan to create one million jobs in the province over eight years.