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'King of Kensington' statue vandalized

Kensington Market residents say they are disgusted after a statue of Al Waxman was vandalized.

The statue, which is located in Bellevue Square Park, was painted to look like Batman villain The Joker.

Those living in the popular arts neighbourhood say the vandalism is disrespectful to community.

“I’m a little frustrated,” local artist Rupert Young told CityNews. “In the market we’re supposed to be an arts community, it’s been overrun by graffiti and garbage art.”

Authorities say the act of vandalism qualifies as a criminal act and that the city will have to foot the bill for the clean up.

“The people that would be responsible for the clean up would be the owners, and that would be the city of Toronto,” explained Const. Scott Mills. “Really all of us as taxpayers are paying the cost of that.”

Local businesses owners say they too have had to deal with excessive vandalism.

“We’ve cleaned it before and as soon as we clean it, the very next night we get graffitied again,” explained Tony Vieirra, owner of the Kensington Fruit Market.

The statue was erected following Waxman’s death in 2001. Waxman starred as Larry King in the iconic Canadian show the King of Kensington.