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Dump truck drivers protest overloading & wages in Mississauga

Dump truck drivers gathered in Mississauga on Tuesday to protest overloading, wages increases and late payments.

Over 100 trucks are currently on site near Dixie and Derry roads, with more trucks expected by the evening.

The owner-operated trucks service condo and road construction sites, and the loaders are hired by the construction companies.

Brince Saini, a member of the Ontario Dump Truck Association, told CityNews overloading is one of the main issues and that it’s been a “constant problem for years and years.”

He claims that when a truck driver goes to a job site, the loader knows the capacity of the truck and overloads it on purpose. The maximum truck load is five tonnes.

“That particular truck is not safe to go on the road … the safety of the road is compromised,” Saini said.

In terms of enforcement, Saini said most times the truckers are targeted and not after the loaders.

He also said that if a driver refuses to take the load, “they will not call you to work tomorrow.”

Truck drivers are also protesting about stagnant wages increases, even through the price for fuel, insurance, sticker plate and repairs have increased.

“In the last five years, if you look at the inflation in the economy … there has been no raise so far. We’re still working for the same price,” Saini said.

The drivers get paid by the hour or by the load depending on the job.

The drivers also claim that some companies take up to six months to make a payment.

Saini said the protest will continue until the companies and association officials can negotiate.