TTC says it has taken ‘appropriate action’ after driver accused of abandoning bus

The TTC says it has concluded its investigation after a bus driver was accused of abandoning his vehicle in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday, stranding angry passengers.

The TTC’s Brad Ross told CityNews in an email that “appropriate action” has been taken, but didn’t provide details.

“As this is a personnel matter, I’m not at liberty to disclose what those actions are,” he wrote.

Passenger Victor Bulario shot a video of the incident, which happened at 1:30 p.m. on the 32 Eglinton West route, near Eglinton Avenue West and Trethewey Drive.

Bulario said he called the TTC when it happened and no one showed up to drive the bus.

He said he saw the driver fill out a time card and look around for a replacement driver. Bulair said the driver then got off the bus and told about 20 people on board that it was home time and there should be a driver there shortly.

Another driver of a bus behind the abandoned one boarded their bus and called into dispatch using the bus phone.

Bulario then said that bus driver was asked to abandon his bus to babysit the abandoned bus since the replacement driver didn’t show up.

Passengers were then told to leave the bus as it was temporarily out of order.

According to TTC protocol, a driver is not permitted to leave a bus if his or her shift is over until the relief driver arrives.

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