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Ontario leaders face off in televised debate

With the provincial election in nine days, the leaders of Ontario’s three main political parties stood side-by-side Tuesday evening in the only televised debate of this campaign.

The questions to the candidates came from the public and right out of the gate was the gas plant scandal.

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne faced the issued head on.

“The decisions around the relocation of the gas plants that were made were wrong,” said Wynne. “I’ve apologized, I’ve taken responsibility. There was public money that was wasted.”

However, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wasn’t about to let Wynne off easy.

“You don’t have to put up with a corrupt Liberal party that wastes your money,” she told the camera.

PC Leader Tim Hudak also took a shot at how many time Wynne said sorry about the gas plants.

“When somebody apologizes and then they do the same thing again and again, they didn’t mean it,” he said.

The candidates then answered a question about the Ontario electricity supply before Wynne took aim at Hudak’s plan to create a million jobs while ending a 100,000 in the public sector.

Hudak said the Liberals were distorting his plan, which he boldly stood by.

“I’m so confident in my plan that if I don’t carry through and keep my promises in the Million Jobs Plan, I’ll resign, I’ll step down from office,” he stated.

Both Horwath and Wynne called Hudak’s math into question.

“Mr. Hudak’s million jobs plan has a million math mistakes in it,” said Horwath, also taking the time to point our flaws in Wynne’s job plan. “There’s also no doubt that the Liberals have not delivered on jobs.”

Hudak also insisted he would eliminate the $12.5-billion deficit in two years even if Ontario falls into another recession. He then once again said that he would step aside if he didn’t balance the budget by 2016 and called on the other leaders to make the same commitment.

Ontario voters go to the polls on June 12.

With files from The Canadian Press