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Provincial leaders face off in debate Tuesday night

The three main provincial party leaders will face off in a televised debate Tuesday night, with just nine days before Ontarians head to the polls.

The debate could be a pivotal one, with Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne saying many people will be making their decisions based on tonight’s performance.

“There are a lot of people who wait for the debate to actually tune into an election campaign so a lot of them because of the business of their lives, they haven’t necessarily gotten all the issues and they’ll be looking for some clarity,” Wynne said.

In fact, an Ipsos Reid survey published on Monday night reveals that four in 10 will make up their mind after watching the debate.

Meanwhile, the latest Abacus data survey for the Toronto Sun has the Liberal party out front with a seven-point lead among eligible voters but that lead shrinks down to only two points among those committed to vote.

Other polling firms (such as Ipsos Reid) have pegged the Tory vote as far more committed than Liberal votes so the outcome could pivot on “which party can get the vote” out on election day.

The election will take place on June 12.

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