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Liberals apologize for Hudak 'Dark Knight' Joker flyer

A flyer depicting PC Leader Tim Hudak as the Joker in a famous scene from the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” laughing as a hospital explodes in the background is making rounds on social media sites.

Liberal candidate Steven Del Deluca is apologizing for the flyer, which was sent out by his campaign.


“The character, who you have depicted Tim as, is the villain from the film, a murdering terrorist,” wrote Hudak campaign manager Ian Robertson in an open letter to the Liberal campaign co-chairs.

“Tim and our team have broad shoulders … (but to) suggest he would blow up a hospital shows just how unhinged you have become.”

Robertson demanded the flyer be taken out of a circulation and a public apology be issued by Kathleen Wynne, Del Duca and the campaign co-chairs, David Herle and Deb Matthews.

Kathleen Wynne says the flyer is “not acceptable” and not consistent with what her party has been doing throughout the campaign.

Public opinion polls suggest Ontario’s Liberals and Tories are in a virtual tie with just a day left before voters cast their ballots.

Del Duca - Terrorist Literature

With files from the Canadian Press