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Mayor’s contact list being used by Stintz campaign: Doug Ford

Coun. Doug Ford says that a contact list from the mayor’s office was either taken or stolen and is now being used by Karen Stintz in her Toronto mayoral bid.

“Somehow one way or the other [the] Karen Stintz campaign has received the contact list, which is confidential, and it’s illegal to take information anywhere out of city hall here,” Ford said. “So that’s a very serious concern.”

Listen to Doug Ford’s extended comments.

Stintz is one of the mayoral candidates running to replace Mayor Rob Ford in the October municipal election.

Stintz wasn’t immediately available for comment. But her spokeswoman issued a statement saying, “We have people supporting Karen who have supported other candidates in the past, and we accept lists that are given to us.”

The statement went on to say, “If people on our list don’t want to support Karen or don’t want to receive emails they can simply click on unsubscribe.”

Doug Ford says he met with the city manager, the head of human resources and Toronto police on Friday morning “and we’re going to find out who extracted the information.”

“And we’ll get down to the bottom of it. There’s always a trail when it comes to emails.”

Toronto police confirmed that they met with Ford who is the mayor’s campaign manager on Friday morning to hear his complaint and that an investigation would occur if warranted.

Ford also said that Stintz’s campaign sent an email blast to 33 senior city staff, including the city manager, asking for donations, which is being investigated by the integrity commissioner.

Janet Leiper wasn’t immediately available for comment. But the city is looking into Ford’s allegations, Toronto city spokeswoman Jackie DeSouza said.