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6 things we learned from Deadmau5 & Rob Ford's coffee run

Toronto electronic music artist Deadmau5 took Mayor Rob Ford for a coffee run in his Ferrari, recording the at-times awkward half-hour experience and posting it to YouTube.

During the drive around the city Deadmau5 and the mayor make small talk, with Ford slipping into campaign mode at times. He reminds Deadmau5 of his dedication to answering constituents’ calls, saying his phone is inundated with 70 to 80 messages a night that he diligently responds to.

Deadmau5 puts the pedal to the metal a few times, causing a nervous-looking Ford to brace himself.

At slower, law-abiding speeds, the two local celebrities touch on a variety of topics; from how they unwind in their leisure time, to their preferences of caffeinated beverages.

Here are six things we learned from their high-octane Timmies run:

  1. Rob Ford’s drink of choice at Tim Horton’s is a staggering five shots of espresso in a single cup.  Deadmau5, who ordered an extra large double-double, nicknamed Ford’s beverage ‘cardiac arrest’. Ford paid for the drinks with a $20 bill and told Deadmau5 to keep the change for “gas money.”
  2. Deadmau5 has only been to one football game in his life – A Hamilton Ti-Cats game, “way up in the nosebleeds.”
  3. Ford admits to having a bit of a lead foot behind the wheel, especially when driving to the family cottage in Huntsville. “If I’m up north, Highway 11, sometimes I open it up. If the cops catch me I’m toast,” he said. Deadmau5 easily topped that, saying he’s pushed his Ferrari to 210 miles-an-hour once on a runway in Scotland.
  4. Ford plays Risk and Monopoly in his downtime. “I like Risk buddy, I get right into it,” he told Deadmau5, saying the game has caused heated moments with his brothers. The mayor also enjoys fishing for salmon, but said he hates golf.  Deadmau5 spends most of his spare time playing video games.
  5. Deadmau5 told Ford he wants to buy land in Milton and start a hobby farm. Ford laughed, but Deadmau5 said he was “serious.”
  6. Ford said he once owned a C&C 36-foot boat that he would race at the Port Credit Yacht Club and Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto.

Ford coffee run