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City's anti-littering ad campaign pulled due to trademark issues

It was brilliant while it lasted.

Livegreen Toronto had launched a clever marketing campaign to shame litterbugs in the city.

The ads, which featured insults put together with pieces of garage, were posted on various sites, including BlogTO. Click here to view them.

Some examples include a Du Maurier cigarette pack and a Red Bull combining to say “Dumb,” a bag of Lays chips and packaging from Crazy Glue put together to read “Lazy,” and a Reese’s Pieces wrapper with a Gatorade bottle to make “Pig.”

The ads were set to be put on the sides of buses and in newspapers.

City spokesperson Siobhan Ramsay said the city launched the campaign earlier this month, but it was “discontinued” over trademark concerns.

“Concerns were subsequently raised by various companies about the use of their trademarks and the potentially negative effect that this campaign might have on their brands, even though the affected companies have indicated their support for the City’s anti-littering initiatives,” Ramsay said.

She added that the city will be looking into other anti-littering programs in the future.