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Mayor Ford's sister admits she smoked crack with him: ITO

A still image of Mayor Rob Ford allegedly from a video seen by two Globe and Mail reporters. THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Rob Ford’s sister Kathy Ford admitted to smoking crack with her brother in April, according to new documents from police investigation Project Brazen 2.

The released documents say Kathy told police that they were in the company of alleged drug dealer the mayor’s friend Sandro Lisi, who is facing criminal charges.

The documents, filed with a court by police to obtain a search warrant, say Kathy Ford was twice interviewed by investigators after reports surfaced last May of a second video allegedly showing the troubled mayor smoking crack.

In the documents released Wednesday by a judge, police say they believe the second video was surreptitiously recorded on April 26 by a man named Michael “Jugga” James, whom Kathy Ford said sold drugs to her and her brother that night.

Police say Kathy Ford told them her brother arrived at her house “intoxicated” but not “high,” and that he was drinking and “kidding around fighting” with Lisi, who was never hurt.

Kathy told police that James supplied them with drugs, but Ford and Lisi didn’t know where they came from.

The document doesn’t list any new drug possession or trafficking charges, but it does say that the video may provide evidence of drug possession by Mayor Ford.

The documents contain allegations that have not been proven in court.

Lisi has been charged with extortion related to attempts to retrieve an earlier video that surfaced in May 2013 that appeared to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine.

Police requested a search warrant to obtain three cellphones from James, which they believe may contain other recordings.

In the documents, police say they believe they will find video and audio that may provide evidence of drug possession by Ford and both drug trafficking and drug possession by James.

The allegations are part of a police investigation, dubbed Project Brazen 2, sparked by the reports about the second so-called “crack” video.

Read the documents below, or click here for a mobile-friendly version.

Project Brazen 2 search warrant documents

Rob Ford — who has repeatedly said he’s not a drug addict — entered rehab for treatment of substance-abuse problems after the Globe and Mail reported it had seen the second video showing him appearing to smoke crack cocaine in the basement of his sister’s home in late April.

American online site Gawker.com said a dealer had tried to sell three videos taken in the basement for “six figures.” Gawker, which first broke word of a video purportedly showing Ford smoking crack cocaine last year, obtained frame grabs showing the mayor holding a copper pipe.

The Globe said it paid $10,000 for similar photos.

Last year, the mayor admitted to using crack cocaine while in a “drunken stupor.”