Women’s shelter creates alternate ending for infamous Ray Rice elevator video

The oldest women’s shelter in Toronto has teamed up with an advertising company to put a new spin on a shocking video of domestic violence that made the rounds on social media this summer.

The infamous elevator video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice in a violent incident with his then-fiancee inspired Interval House, a Toronto women’s shelter, and Cause Company to create their own video in order to change perspectives on the issue of domestic violence.

“We created the video basically because there was this conversation escalating online around the issue of domestic violence, and it felt as though it was not really going anywhere particularly positive.” Cause Company’s Marie Magnin said. “So we wanted to interrupt the conversation and we did so with this video.”

The video below, titled “The elevator video worth sharing,” depicts a scene similar to the one millions around the world witnessed when they saw Rice strike Janay Palmer and then drag her, unconscious, off an elevator at an Atlantic City casino. However, they created a different ending showing that there is a way out of domestic violence situations:

Click here to watch the video on mobile.

“Domestic violence is happening every single day,” Sandra Hawken Diaz of Interval House said. “If we don’t have that conversation then we won’t be ever able to end the violence.”

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