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Bombardier lottery winners in court over $50M dispute

Chris Bates with Lotto group's lawyer Saul Glober.

A group of millionaires had to take a break from parasailing and sport fishing to attend a two week civil trial over a $50 million Lotto Max dispute.

In 2011, 24 Bombardier employees hit it big, but the payout was immediately put on hold after a co-worker claimed that he should have been in on the action.

Chris Bates testified on Tuesday that he was on vacation leading up to the big win. When he returned, he realized the regular group had played on without him and his name was not on the list for the next draw.

Although Bates didn’t make any arrangements ahead of time to continue playing the lottery with his co-workers, he testified that he was upset no one had put money in for him, as they had done for others in the past.

Bates said he confronted a co-worker in the group but claims he didn’t give him a reason for not putting him back on the list.

Bates testified that he told the group, “If you guys win, I’m going to sue.”

The group won the jackpot in the next draw.

“They left me out, I played every single time,” Bates told the court.

Lawyer Saul Glober, who is representing the 24 workers, told the court that Bates’ comment was interesting since the odds of winning would be one in 14 million.

Two million dollars of the winnings has been set aside pending the outcome of the trial.