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BY THE NUMBERS: Mayoral candidate John Tory's election platform

Toronto mayoral John Tory speaking to reporters in downtown Toronto on Sept. 16, 2014. 680NEWS/Kevin Misener

Mayoral candidate John Tory’s platform has focused on transit and traffic, but there are some other planks the leading candidate has touted during the campaign.

53 kilometres

The biggest plank in Tory’s mayoral platform is his SmartTrack transit plan, which promises 53 kilometres of regional transit. The plan calls for 22 new stations across the city with 95 per cent of the lines to run on existing surface routes in the region. He says it will cost $8-billion, to be divided among the three levels of government.

24 hours

As part of his gridlock reduction plan, Tory has proposed 24-hour construction to speed-up road works and other construction projects. He would also like a zero-tolerance policy for delivery trucks parked illegally during rush hour. Tory has also said he would like to start a construction co-ordination committee that he would chair to manage projects and cut down on inefficiencies.

70,000 jobs

Tory announced in May he would like to build a business district in the East Don Lands; however, the section of Tory’s website outlining the plan has since been removed. The original plan called for a rerouting of the Gardiner Expressway east of Cherry Street. Tory cited London, U.K.’s Canary Wharf¬†as inspiration for the project, which he said would create 70,000 jobs.

2 staffers

Former Karen Stintz campaign chair Paul Brown and former David Soknacki adviser Gordon Chong joined John Tory’s campaign team after Stintz and Soknacki withdrew from the mayoral race.

43% support

Tory has been leading in the polls since the beginning of August. A Forum Research poll published Sept. 30 pegged Tory’s support at 43 per cent, putting him 10 points ahead of Doug Ford, who has 33 per cent of support, according to the poll. Olivia Chow sits at 20 per cent despite leading the race in the early days of the campaign. Click here for voter preference.

10 codes of conduct

In April, Tory unveiled a 10-point code of conduct for “personal and political” conduct. The points — ranging from vowing to make his weekly schedule public to tightening spending and oversight rules for public money — seem to take direct aim at Mayor Rob Ford.