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'Beliebers' can own a piece of Justin Bieber's childhood memories for just $279K

Justin Bieber's bedroom in his grandparents' Stratford home. Image source: stratfordhomes.ca

In exchange for the asking price of $279,000, diehard Justin Bieber fans can get a piece of the pop star’s childhood memories.

Bieber’s grandparents, Bruce and Diane Dale, have put their former Stratford, Ont., home up for sale.

The pair have been renting out the house since their grandson bought them a larger house a few years ago.

Bieber lived in the home full-time for only a few months, but his grandparents kept a room for him.

“He would stay there sometimes as a grandchild does,” Maria Walsh, the real estate agent overseeing the sale, said.

Walsh said Bieber’s former room is still decorated in the style he liked, adorned with Toronto Maple Leafs wallpaper and bedding.

But Walsh wouldn’t call the decor a preservation.

“They just didn’t redecorate it,” Walsh said.

The house, located at 288 Willow St., has been on the market for about two weeks.