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6 winter tips for drivers from Toronto police

Should you get stuck in a snowstorm while on the road, Toronto police have six helpful tips for you.

Clinton Stibbe of Traffic Services advises against the use of candles in the car as they emit carbon dioxide and could be a fire hazard if you fall asleep.

Drivers should have hand warmers in the vehicle. They should also store some power bars and energy drinks. Keep a thermos instead of water bottles in the car so your water doesn’t freeze.

Always have a full tank of gas so that if you’re stranded you can turn the vehicle on for five to 10 minutes every hour to stay warm. A sleeping bag is also a good idea.

Keep a phone charger in the car so that if you’re stuck and can’t get cell service police can ping your number and help locate you. But you’re phone has to be on for this to work.