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Canadian Tire draws fire over 'sexist' flyer

Canadian Tire gifts for her dlyer

Some shoppers were taken aback by a Canadian Tire flyer containing a list of “gifts for her” that included items, such as sewing machines, pots and pans and a pink tool kit.

Other items under the gifts for her section included crock pots and a chocolate fountain.

“Ideally it should say gifts for the family,” said shopper Laima Cers. “That’s what it should say.”

Another shopper Jessica Wong said, “”I told my husband he’s not allowed to give me any kitchen appliances as gifts, so that’s how I feel about that.”

And O’Neil Powell said he loves to cook and “I don’t think this should just be for females. This should be for guys too.”

Canadian Tire has yet to respond to an interview request from CityNews.

Branding expert Tony Chapman says the seemingly dated and sexist list is a mistake and the company should make it clear that it has taken great steps to appeal to everyone.

“This looked like almost circa-1950’s when the mom’s place was in the home or the women’s place was in the home,” he said.

He recommended the company issue an apology and take steps to make sure their products appeal to everyone.

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