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North Korea says it didn't hack Sony, wants joint probe with U.S.

North Korea says U.S. accusations that Pyongyang was behind the Sony hacking is just “groundless slander”.

It had nothing to do with the massive cyberattack, it says.

State TV cites an unnamed foreign ministry spokesman as also saying North Korea wants a joint investigation into the incident with the U.S.

“If the U.S. refuses to accept our proposal for a joint investigation and continues to talk about some kind of response by dragging us into the case, it must remember there will be grave consequences,” a statement by the spokesman reads.

Sony pulled its North Korea satire, “The Interview”, after major theater chains refused to distribute the film … under fears of additional threats … prompting criticism for its decision.

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton told CNN the company is exploring other distribution options, but even a digital release would be a challenge.

“There has not been one major VOD — video-on-demand distributor — one major e-commerce site that has stepped forward and said they are willing to distribute this movie for us,” said Lynton.

North Korea’s statement was its first substantive response to the U.S. cyberattack accusation.

Washington is speaking with Japan, China, South Korea and Russia for help to reign in North Korea.

South Korea and Japan say they’re willing to cooperate, but China – North Korea’s only major ally – has yet to respond.