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3 men ticketed for throwing jerseys at Monday night's Leafs game

A Toronto Maple Leafs jersey sits on the ice during a game against the Detroit Red Wings at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Oct. 17, 2014. NHL

Toronto police have ticketed three men who threw jerseys onto the ice during a Toronto Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre (ACC) on Monday night.

Fans throwing jerseys on the ice has become an act all too familiar for the struggling Leafs, who lost 4-1 against the Carolina Hurricanes. It was the Leafs’ fifth-straight loss.

The three men, whose names are not being released, are also banned from Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment’s properties for one year.

Tossing jerseys on the ice to express one’s disgust with the home team’s performance is dangerous.

“Players are people too. Imagine injury over something silly like #Jerseygate,” police said in a tweet.


The men have been ticketed with a provincial offence for engaging in a prohibited activity, and that they are “non-criminal charges.” They carry a monetary fine and don’t result in a criminal record.



Police said the NHL has a policy in place to “investigate interruptions due to mischief,” and that the investigation was turned over to officers who were on paid duty at the ACC.

During the game, by the time the Leafs were down 3-0 in the second period, one fan threw a jersey onto the ice.

“We don”t appreciate that, obviously,” winger Phil Kessel said after the game. “We’re trying. I don’t know if people see that. We are trying. I don’t know. We can’t find it right now.”

When the Leafs were trying and even had possession of the puck, another jersey came flying.

“I don’t know how that happens or what security or the ushers are doing,” player Nazem Kadri said. “It seems like we’re giving the guy an extra couple minutes to flip everybody off and to mock our real fans. I don’t know how that guy’s not taken by his shirt and dragged out of there, but what do I know.”

A couple of people also wore bags over their heads, while other fans voiced their displeasure by booing.

With files from The Canadian Press and Scott Lewis, Sportsnet.ca