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Maclean's Exclusive: Winnipeg most racist city in Canada

A three-year-old boy, who attended an east-end daycare, contracted a bacterial infection that is commonly linked to strep throat and died on Jan. 17. CityNews reporter Anna Vlachos has more.

Maclean’s magazine has labelled Winnipeg the most racist city in Canada.

Maclean’s magazine associate editor Nancy Macdonald looks at the arguments for the city being deserving of the title but also why things could be changing.

Macdonald details conversations she’s had with Aboriginals in the city. One woman says she’s harrassed daily by men on the street offering her money for sex, another educated man says everytime he’s in Walmart security guards watch him leave. Some even say they’re not getting fair treatment in hospitals.

Winnipeg has the highest Aboriginal population in Canada.