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How did the TTC do on its 2014 customer charter promises?

The TTC's new streetcars feature low floors, air conditioning and double the capacity of the older vehicles. HANDOUT/TTC

The TTC unveiled its annual customer charter on Friday, with 38 promises to improve service from the promise of Wi-Fi to the rollout of Presto on all streetcars.

This is the third time the TTC has made a series of promises to its customers.

Not to be a bunch of negative Nancys, but we thought we’d take a look at which promises the commission missed out on last year.

  • Seven more people were supposed to be hired to handle customer calls for Wheel-Trans service by March, but the positions weren’t approved until April and the TTC expected to hire more staff, with the help of more resources, by April.
  • Fare collectors were supposed to accept debit or credit cards to buy a wider range of tickets, tokens and passes by July, but the pilot program at Coxwell and Bathurst stations revealed the system developed by a contractor did not pass certification tests.
  • Twenty more bus route supervisors were supposed to be added by October, but only 14 were added by then. Six more supervisors had yet to complete training.
  • Seven bus routes were to have articulated buses by the end of 2014, but a manufacturing delay meant only five routes had the buses by deadline. Plans for 63 Ossington and the 6 Bay bus to receive the buses seem to have been shelved, but the TTC plans to put them on 41 Keele early this year.
  • The TTC hoped to turn away less than one per cent of Wheel-Trans requests in the last quarter of 2014, but the demand for service increased more than anticipated, with 58,000 more requests than the commission planned for. As a result, 1.25 per cent of requests were not accommodated.
  • Tiles, stairs, and floors were supposed to be repaired and replaced at various stations, but Presto implementation slowed down the floor repairs at St. Andrew station and a delivery delay pushed back the wall tile replacement at York Mills to February 2015.
  • Presto was supposed to be installed at three subway stations and all new streetcars by the end of the year, but only Spadina station got its Presto machines last year.