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TDSB hears from the public over scathing provincial report

Toronto District School Board building. (CITYNEWS/FILE)

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) heard from the public on Monday after the province released a scathing report accusing trustees of being dysfunctional and fostering a culture of fear.

The review by independent education consultant Margaret Wilson, which was released earlier this month, revealed a culture of fear at the board so widespread that many staff, including principals and teachers, said they are too afraid to use board email addresses for fear of being monitored.

Eighty delegates, many of them parents, shared their thoughts with board trustees during the meeting.

“Today’s meeting is intended for members of the public, whether you are a parent, concerned student, community member or resident to come forward and provide us with your perspectives on the directions that the minister has issued,” TDSB chair Shaun Chen explained.

The meeting was all part of a process by the TDSB to come up with a plan for instituting 13 recommendations for change contained in the report.

Education Minister Liz Sandals says changes must be made at the TDSB by Feb. 13 or the province can take legal action. Sandals has directed the board to accept all of the recommendations contained in the report.

Last week trustees held an emergency, closed door meeting to discuss how to implement the recommendations.