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Cops warning of rash of violent street robberies in Scarborough

Police and Crime Stoppers released a video warning people about a rash of violent robberies in 42 Division. YOUTUBE/Toronto Police

Though robberies are down in northern Scarborough, guns, knives and serious injuries are becoming more commonplace, according to Toronto police.

Victims robbed of purses, cell phones, tablets and other valuables have endured a “grotesque” amount of violence, 42 Division Det. Sgt. Gerry Heaney said at a news conference on Thursday.

Some victims suffered concussions and other serious injuries when they were dragged and attacked after being robbed.

Police, Crime Stoppers, and the TTC are teaming up in an effort to curb a recent rash of violent crimes.

Heaney said most of the crimes are committed by 16-25 year old males, and asked parents to question their children.

“If you have children and their coming in possession of valuables and they’re telling you they’re getting it from their friends, I would question that,” Heany said.

He said some suspects have been found with large caches of cell phones and other valuables.

Police and the TTC warned transit passengers to take precautions, as some of the robberies have targeted bus passengers.

Police and Crime Stoppers are asking with information on robberies in the area to contact them.

Mobile users click here to see tips on protecting yourself.

For more information about the TTC’s Request Stop Program, click here.