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Hundreds affected after water pipe burst in midtown high-rise

Residents of a midtown high-rise apartment building are still mopping up after a pipe burst on the top floor, causing massive flooding.

“I saw water coming through the front door… I saw water gushing out of one of the electrical rooms,” Anika Reza, who lives on the sixth floor of the building, told CityNews. “I was putting down all these blankets and all of the towels that I own, trying to stop the water from coming in and damaging everything. It didn’t really stop.”

The extreme cold weather is being blamed for the burst pipe, which happened around 3:30 p.m. Monday at 33 Orchard View Boulevard, in the Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue area.

Reza said at one point there was about three-inches of water in her apartment, with water coming out from the intercom speaker and light switches.

“The one thing that troubled me the most was seeing the water coming out from some of the lights switches,” she explained. “That’s when I decided to stop cleaning and just go over to a friends house.”

Other residents said water was gushing out of their ceiling and down the elevators, which have since been put out of service.

Many of those who live in the building took it upon themselves to begin sopping up the water when, according to them, the management company failed to provide any information on when crews were going to come in to help clean up.

A letter from management was eventually given to residents, saying they were aware of the problem and trying to fix it.

Reza said she tried to contact management for more information but was unable to speak with anyone.

“I called many times throughout this afternoon. It went straight to voicemail… it didn’t even ring,” she said.

Attempts made by CityNews to contact management were also unsuccessful.