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EXCLUSIVE: Toronto police constable Leslie Nyznik: CityNews investigation

Leslie Nyznik at a Toronto Police 51 Division fundraiser for urban youth, Nov. 12, 2013. COMMUNITY POLICE LIAISON COMMITTEE CPLC 51 DIVISION

Three suspended Toronto police officers have been charged with sexual assault, following a story that CityNews broke first two weeks ago.

The officers, Sameer Kara, Leslie Nyznik and Joshua Cabero have been charged with sex assault and gang sex assault.

In a story CityNews broke two weeks ago, sources say the three officers allegedly sexually assaulted a parking enforcement officer in mid-January.

A background check on Constable Leslie Nyznik conducted by CityNews revealed that he was involved in a 2012 court proceeding.

A 2012 Toronto police dash cam video shows a man — Raymond Costain – being pummelled by Nyznik’s partner.

Costain was initially charged with resisting arrest but was eventually cleared when the judge accused Nyznik and fellow officers of unreliable testimony.

Nyznik was condemned by a judge for offering “incredulous” testimony in the case.

Ironically it was that very case, among others, that Chief Bill Blair used as an example in an internal video he sent to all police officers back in March of 2013 slamming “unacceptable behavior.”

In the video he said: “If you want to be an idiot, you don’t get to be an idiot in our uniform. You don’t get to be an idiot diminishing our organization and you can’t hide behind the badge.”

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