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Bankers offer $10K reward for 'well-dressed' bandit

A $10,000 reward was posted for the so-called "well-dressed bandit." HANDOUT/Toronto Police Service

The Toronto police hold-up squad is counting on a $10,000 reward to lead investigators to “the well-dressed bandit.”

The suspect is accused in four bank robberies over a six-week period last fall.

In each case, he presents the teller with a hold-up note and then shows a gun.

The cash reward has been posted by the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA).

“From our perspective, it’s a deterrent. It shows how seriously the banking industry takes this,” Bill Crate, the security director at CBA said at a news conference on Wednesday.

Staff Insp. Mike Earl said these crimes are especially concerning because the suspect has a gun and isn’t afraid to show it off.

“That’s extra trauma that’s put on the victims themselves. Situations can get out of control when somebody’s armed with a handgun committing a crime,” Earl said.

The suspect is called the “well-dressed bandit” because during his first robbery he was wearing a suit and tie and he carries an attache case.