Fired Hydro One employee apologizes to Shauna Hunt

WARNING: Video contains language that some may find offensive.

The Hydro One employee fired over a confrontation with CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt last weekend has apologized for his actions.

In a story that touched a nerve around the world, Hunt confronted a group of men about their apparent plans to use “f— her right in the p—-” vulgarities at a Toronto FC soccer game on Sunday.

One of the men used offensive language during their exchange and was fired after CityNews aired the video.

On Friday, he sent Hunt a written apology, which she accepted.

“I appreciate (him) reaching out with what I felt was a very genuine apology,” Hunt said.

“I was happy to accept it.”

The man told Hunt he intended the apology to be a personal note to her. To respect that, she won’t release exactly what was said.

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