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Woman claims she was dragged after bag stuck in subway

Last Updated Jun 1, 2015 at 10:43 pm EST

Joan Liburd was allegedly dragged by a subway after her bag got stuck inside a subway train on May 24.

Liburb said she was at Warden Station around 3 p.m. when the door unexpectedly closed catching her bags inside.

It was “terrifying,” she remembers.

She could not free her arm because it was wrapped twice around the straps even though she desperately tried to free it loose. Liburd said she had to run as the subway train moved.

Seconds before the train got to the end of the platform she was able to break free.

The Toronto Transit Commission said it’s trains are not supposed to move when something is caught in the doors but due to how thin the straps could have been the doors may not have registered it.

The two TTC members on board should also be making sure nothing is stuck in the doors.

Liburd wrote a letter to the TTC and city council asking why the doors didn’t stop the train but she has yet to hear anything.

Liburd said she cannot sleep since the incident happened.

The TTC said they will be interviewing the second guard on duty when he returns back to work next week.