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Toronto couple says view from million dollar dream home spoiled by Toronto Hydro pole

Last Updated Jun 24, 2015 at 8:54 pm EDT

Shirley and Todd Ankenmann loved everything about the home they purchased in Bloor West Village in 2012. So much so, they paid $156,000 over the asking price.

But the million dollar property would soon have a 10-cent view after Toronto Hydro erected a pole on their front lawn.

The couple says they weren’t aware that the pole was going up — and likely driving their property value down at the same time.

“We didn’t know until they showed up with the pole. We literally had no clue,” Todd said.

Toronto Hydro says it notified residents about the impending work, albeit with somewhat vague language.

A letter sent out to residents said a pole ‘could’ be moved in front or adjacent to a homeowner’s property.

At the Ankenmann residence, it’s hard to ignore — a glaring visual annoyance that now has them questioning their purchase.

“If this (pole) was here…I wouldn’t have bought the house,” maintains Shirley. “It would be a deal breaker.”

Despite her pangs of regret, it appears the pole is there to stay. It’s on public property, and Toronto Hydro says safety standards prevent them from moving it a few feet over on the property line, like the couple suggests.

In the meantime, Shirley says she’s found a less-than-ideal way to wipe out the eyesore. “I don’t look out the window anymore.”