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Harper supporter makes light of Syrian child's death during Tory event

OTTAWA – Questions about the government’s handling of the Syrian refugee crisis drew heckles from a Conservative supporter at a Stephen Harper campaign event today.

The government’s handling of the crisis is now front and centre in the federal election campaign.

The catcalls came in Welland, Ont., as the Conservative leader was taking questions from journalists, almost a week after the world was riveted by the image of a dead Syrian toddler on a Turkish beach.

“How many kids drowned in pools in Canada this last summer? Do you blame the government for that?” a supporter shouted during the event.

The prime minister is under pressure to admit more refugees, and Harper says he will – but while taking care to avoid allowing terrorists from a war zone into Canada.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau attacked Harper by invoking examples dating back to the years following the Second World War, when Canadians helped people fleeing Europe, Africa and Asia.

Trudeau, Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair were all campaigning in Ontario, where the fate of the province’s ailing manufacturing sector is a key issue.