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Trending: New Blue Jays parody video is a home run

Roberto Alomar, featured in Adam Jesin's First Place video.

Vacation time we’re going to Mount Crushmore.

The last time the Blue Jays were playoff contenders, we had to wait for radio station DJs to scratch together tribute songs for our teams. Now, thanks to YouTube, anyone can be the next Weird Al Yankovic.

Just Like Adam Jesin, whose song First Place – a catchy remake of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space – deserves props for originality, humour and inspiring lyrics.

“Stroman tweeted he’d be ready,” the song goes, “now he’s pitching like we’ve never seen. Can’t believe that he recovered, guy can heal like Wolverine.”


“Where’d they find Chris Colabello? Guy’s been touching green for days.”

That’s just mint, like we used to say in Medicine Hat.

And how can you beat any video that features an image of Mount Crushmore?

That’s right, you can’t. Just like you can’t beat Jesin’s tribute, and just like you can’t beat the Jays.