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Thirteen Ontario residents charged with importing illegal drugs, guns

Last Updated Oct 8, 2015 at 11:41 am EDT

OPP police said a total of 22 firearms were seized during Project Monto. OPP/Handout

Numerous charges have been laid against 13 Ontario residents after an investigation into the importation of illegal drugs and guns into Canada.

The year-long investigation, called Project Monto, looked into illegal drugs imported from California, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Guyana and prohibited weapons from Florida.

Police said the drugs were distributed from the GTA to Newfoundland and Labrador and were paid for in cash. The drugs were also distributed locally in the GTA once they arrived.

Cash was transferred to the origin counties to purchase the drugs that were then imported.

The drug that was being imported and disturbed was mainly cocaine.

A total of 123 kilograms of cocaine with a potential street worth of $12.2 million, 22 firearms, $146,000 in Canadian currency and four vehicles were seized.

“Most of the drugs and guns were seized by importation through major airports,” police said at a press conference on Thursday morning.

Police release photographs of objects obtained during Project Monto. OPP/Handout

Thirteen people have been charged with 48 offences.

Twelve of those charged — all from the Toronto area — have been arrested.

They are David Blevins, 36, of Oakville; Jermaine Wilson, 38, of Mississauga; Sandra Lewis, 48, of Milton; Dainnia Cameron, 40, of Milton; Kenton Lnafhorne, 42, of Vaughan; Rionne Martelly, 38, of Milton; Donovan Brown, 44, of Oakville; Dexter Griffith, 43, of Toronto; Natasha Ruddock, 24, of Toronto; Rocco Petrucci, 49, of Toronto; Michael Robinson, 44, of Toronto; Fitz Prince, 63, of Toronto.

The investigation is ongoing and police said one man is still outstanding.

Police said the people arrested are individuals who organize the importation of drugs and guns.

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Details of the thirteen people charged in Project Monto.