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Trending: Norm Kelly wants new 3D selfie signs for The Six

Last Updated Oct 30, 2015 at 1:38 pm EDT

People gather at Nathan Phillips Square. 680 NEWS/Mark Douglas

Following the success of the much-celebrated Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square, the Internet’s dad is looking to expand the program with a few of Toronto’s unofficial but cool nicknames.

As reported in The Toronto Star, Scarborough Councillor Norm Kelly is making a motion to create three new 3D landmark signs similar to the existing Toronto sign to be placed in different parts of the city.

Kelly’s motion is suggesting signs be created for The 6, T.O. and T.Dot.

“The recent installation of the 3D Toronto sign on Nathan Phillips Square has been enthusiastically received by Torontonians,” Kelly wrote in his motion, according to The Star. “In addition to being a display of our civic confidence, it has become an effective branding tool for the City.”

The multi-coloured Toronto sign became an unexpected hit during the Pan Am Games in the summer, when thousands of visitors and Torontonians flocked to it to take selfies. And it was used as part of an art installation during Nuit Blanche. Toronto Mayor John Tory pledged to keep the sign up following the games, and possibly have it transported to different parts of the city.

The sign was built at a cost of $100,000, which is likely the ballpark cost of the new nickname signs. Kelly suggests the city pursue corporate sponsorship to offset the cost.

It would “reinforce the modern, ‘cool’ Toronto brand,” Kelly explains in his motion.

And if anyone understands cool, it’s Norm Kelly.