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Video surfaces of violent assault on Mississauga public bus

Last Updated Dec 4, 2015 at 5:44 pm EST

An assault on a Mississauga bus was captured on video. PHOTO: LIVELEAK

A video has surfaced showing a young woman being assaulted on a Mississauga public bus after confronting someone who allegedly got on the bus without paying a fare.

The video appeared on the video-sharing site LiveLeak early Friday afternoon. According to Roy Kenealy, Superintendent of Operations at MiWay, it happened on Sept. 30 near Meadowvale Town Centre.

“You’re trying to steal from the bus,” a woman with a backpack states.

“Are you the Mississauga bus transit owner?” the other woman fires back. “Then it’s none of your business.”

(To watch the video on mobile, click here)

The women continue to shout at each other in full view of the passengers on the busy bus until the woman accused of not paying dumps a glass of liquid on the other woman and begins punching her and pulling her hair. The women are pulled apart by other passengers on the bus.

The conflict continues for almost two minutes until the bus driver pulls over and lets riders off, including the person shooting the video.

Kenealy says the protocol for that type of situation is to immediately pull the bus over and contact enforcement officials.

“He should pull up,” Kenealy said Friday. “There is a process in place for the driver to contact enforcement.”

“We don’t want our drivers physically involved,” he said.

Kenealy said they are reviewing the driver’s actions that day. As to whether the driver should have stopped sooner, Kenealy said “that’s something we’re going to have to look into. He stopped when he got to the mall.”

Kenealy said the incident was reported to Peel police.

Peel police say they are investigating the incident, and say It looks serious enough to be considered an assault.

UPDATE: Peel police Tweeted after this story was posted that arrests were made following the incident.