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Abandoned dogs rescued from Turkey arrive in Toronto

Last Updated Feb 25, 2016 at 6:34 pm EST

One of the hundreds of Golden Retrievers in Turkish animal shelters. Photo courtesy: Golden Rescue

Eight dogs have made the long journey from Turkey to Toronto in search of a loving family to call their own.

Golden Rescue is one of several North American organizations doing what they can to help rescue hundreds of abandoned dogs from the streets and shelters of Istanbul.

“There are many homeless dogs in Turkey and not enough room in the shelters for all of them,” the organization said on its website. “Because there is no shelter euthanasia and few adoptions in Turkey, dogs either live out their lives in a shelter or are put on the streets or in the forests after they are spayed or neutered and given rabies vaccines.”

Stray dogs have long been a staple on the streets of Istanbul but, according to Golden Rescue, golden retrievers don’t survive well on the streets and are often attacked by other dogs.

The organization says only about three per cent of dogs in Istanbul shelters find permanent homes.

The eight dogs, named Charm, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Hansel, Goldilocks, Cinderella and Gretel, landed at Pearson Airport on Thursday afternoon.

Last month the organization rescued twenty-two abandoned golden retrievers from Istanbul in an operation dubbed ‘Rescue Mission of Love.’

Golden rescue organizations in the United States have already worked to rescue about 200 dogs from Turkey.