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Trending: When photo ops go wrong, Kathleen Wynne edition

Last Updated Mar 1, 2016 at 6:19 pm EST

If there’s anything to learn from the HBO program “Veep”, it’s that politicians don’t like photo opportunities.

During an election campaign, the long trip into office involves dozens of photo ops every day. You get primped and preened, you get funny hats plopped on your head or you are forced behind the wheel of awkward machinery. It’s all you can do to smile, deliver a few sound bites when the opportunity allows and then zip off to the next one.

And sometimes, photo ops turn into embarrassing no-win situations.

Take Kathleen Wynne’s visit to Jarvis Collegiate Institute on Tuesday.

During a science demonstration involving dish soap, a giant, pink, chemical blob photobombed the Ontario premier’s photo op, overshadowing her announcement on tuition grants.

Oh dear.

But it’s not the first time Wynne has found herself in a compromising situation at a photo op …

Don’t worry, spelling really doesn’t count:

Kathleen Wynne photo op

I think they meant something else when farmers asked for help:

Kathleen Wynne photo op

Does anyone make a hard hat that fits?

Kathleen Wynne photo op

Most awkward beer shoppers ever:

Kathleen Wynne photo op

This UP Express is great! We’re got the whole train to ourselves!

Kathleen Wynne photo op

And here are some other politicians who probably wish they would have taken a pass on that photo op.

Jean Chretien supports the troops:

Jean Chretien photo op

Rob Ford meets a Nazi:

Rob Ford photo op

Rachel Notley puts her cowboy hat on backwards:

Rachel Notley, Stephen Harper

Justin Trudeau flexes his muscles with Patrick Brazeau

Justin Trudeau photo op

Stephen Harper on the road to losing an election

Stephen Harper photo op

Keep your eye on that pancake!

Ralph Klein photo op

George W. Bush gets a little too intimate with a turkey:

George Bush photo op

And this one is just one of our all-time favourites …

Rob Ford cuts a rug: