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Neighbours save dog left to freeze outside on Liberty Village balcony

A dog is seen peering out a glass balcony in Liberty Village. Photo via Facebook from RL Das

Temperatures were frigid in Toronto on Wednesday, dropping to -14 C, but feeling closer to -20. Most people locked themselves inside to avoid the extreme cold, but one Toronto pooch was stuck outside on the 16th floor of a Liberty Village condominium.

And the neighbours were pissed.

One Facebook user jumped on the Liberty Village Residents Association Facebook page to share a picture and express their outrage.

“There is a dog on the balcony at 51 East Liberty building, 16 floor (south west corner unit) it’s medium size white in color,” said a man named RL Das. “The dog is howling away in the cold gnawing at the doors without any coat or blanket, no body seems to be home.”

Das also wrote that he did not have very much experience with animal services and said the dog had been outside howling for 45 minutes.

“What kind of disgusting people live there, they deserve the dog to be taken away. Any suggestions,” he wrote.

The post accumulated over 175 comments, many of which were trying to find a way to help the dog.




“I would notify the concierge but also contact Toronto animal services. The concierge doesn’t have the right to enter a unit without permission. Poor pup!” said Jill Grace on the Facebook page.

And another person even offered to take the dog, who is named Duck, off the owners’ hands.

“I’m in the area too if someone needs me to do something. How stupid are his owners! I’ll take the dog off of your hands, idiot!!”

One person suggested calling 311 and to not even bother waiting for concierge.

After a couple minutes of people not getting any answers, they seemed to turn on the owner of the dog.

“Lets lock the owners out on their own balcony. I’ll bet they wouldn’t last 15 minutes. How are these idiots allowed to own pets???” said Mark Petierre.

There were even suggested to go knock down the door to rescue the dog.


About an hour later, around 6 p.m., people from the Facebook group said they were able to flag down a police officer who was able to get the dog inside.



Duck is now inside safe with his owner, who according to Jacob Smith is very appreciative of the support from all the people who helped.

Smith posted this comment on the Facebook page:


Todd Hofley posted on the page saying that at the next condo best practices committee meeting he will be discussing options to make sure that the frustrating delay that happened yesterday won’t happen again.

“I will bring forward a potential template for pet owners that stipulates if there is reasonable belief that their pet is in immediate and life threatening danger because of getting outside, that the condominium corporation has the right to enter the unit and bring the animal inside,” Hofley said on Facebook.