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Couple furious after Canada Post loses baby gift sent from Ontario

Last Updated Mar 20, 2016 at 7:22 pm EST

Dave Stoner and his wife Laura couldn’t wait to congratulate their friends about the birth of their new baby boy. The couple purchased some baby clothing and a pair of shoes to send to their good friends Josh and Tiff, who live in Surrey, B.C.

They shipped the package on Feb. 13 from Canada Post inside a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Milton but their friends never received the package in Vancouver. Now, Canada Post is asking for proof of insurance even though they admitted to losing the package.

After mailing the package the couple waited a few days before asking their friends if they had received anything in the mail. When they told them they found nothing in their mailbox, they forwarded them the tracking number.

Canada Post was claiming that the package had been delivered to a community mail box in Surrey.

“They said the package was delivered but it wasn’t, so what happened to the package?” said Dave.

Dave and Laura Stoner sent a package to their friends in Vancouver but it never made it to them and was lost by Canada Post. CITYNEWS
Dave and Laura Stoner sent a package to their friends in Vancouver but it never made it to them and was lost by Canada Post. CITYNEWS

Both Dave and Josh sent multiple emails and phone calls to Canada Post trying to find out what happened to their missing gift and heard nothing for weeks.

“On March 17, a month and four days later, I sent an email asking where my package was and when I could expect a refund for the baby clothes that were for the newborn,” said Dave.


Canada Post responded by email to Dave saying they did not have any further records of the item after it was delivered on Feb. 22.

“Therefore, your item has been declared lost,” said Dawn, a Canada Post Customer Service representative.

“Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused,” she said to Dave in an email.

Canada Post then informed the couple that in order to proceed with a “claim for loss” they require “proof of insurance/Canada Post Cash register receipt.”

Dave said that when he and Laura went to mail the package they were never offered the option to purchase insurance or even knew that insurance was an option.

On the receipt given to them it shows coverage declined, even though they said they were never asked.

Canada Post
“We are sorry to hear of this unfortunate delivery experience,” Canada Post spokesperson Mouktar Abdillahi said in an email to CityNews. “Each day, we strive to deliver every package and take this responsibility seriously. We are investigating what may have transpired in this case as our tracking shows the item was delivered.”

“They kept emailing me an apology,” said Dave. “What good is an apology?”

Dave and Laura still don’t know where the package is and are extremely frustrated with the entire situation. Dave said they will be using paperless billing from now on and will stop checking their mailbox.

“I will never use Canada Post again,” said Dave. “There are other delivery services I can use.”

Dave said that the gift was under $100 but the money could have gone to a bill or buying diapers for their own baby.

“Our hard earned money has been lost and Canada Post could care less” he said.