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Timeline of the Ghomeshi sex assault scandal

The allegations:

October 24, 2014
Jian Ghomeshi announces he’s taking a leave of absence from CBC for some “much needed personal time”

October 26, 2014
CBC cuts ties with Jian Ghomeshi in a statement after learning “information” about him. Ghomeshi posts a detailed statement on Facebook saying CBC fired him because of his sexual preferences. “I am being fired in my prime from the show I love and built and threw myself into for years because of what I do in my private life.”

October 27, 2014
Ghomeshi files a $55-million wrongful dismissal lawsuit against CBC for defamation, breach of confidence and “making a moral judgment about the appropriateness of BDSM.”

October 30, 2014
Ghomeshi posts another Facebook post saying he intends to “meet allegations directly.”

Photo released by Jian Ghomeshi's defence team they say was taken after the alleged assault.

The women:

October 29, 2014
An anonymous woman says 10 years ago when she was on a date with Ghomeshi, the CBC radio host “threw me in front of him on the ground and started closed-fist pounding me on the head repeatedly until my ears were ringing” in an interview on As It Happens.

October 31, 2014
Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere and another woman file formal complaints against Ghomeshi with Toronto Police. The sex crimes unit launches an investigation. DeCoutere accuses Ghomeshi of choking her to the point she could not breathe and slapping her hard three times on her head.

November 1, 2014
A third woman files a complaint against Ghomeshi with Toronto Police.

November 25, 2014
Ghomeshi drops his wrongful dismissal lawsuit against CBC after reaching an agreement with the network.

November 26, 2014
Ghomeshi is charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking. He appears in court and is released on $100,000 bail. Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Henein, says he will plead not guilty in a statement.

December 4, 2014
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announces the province will develop new policies against sexual assault and harassment, including steps to encourage more victims to come forward.

January 8, 2015
Three more sexual assault charges are laid against Ghomeshi, including one by a former CBC employee.

March 10, 2015
Canadian hip-hop artist Shad is announced as the new radio host of the “Q.”

April 16, 2015
An internal CBC investigation into Jian Ghomeshi finds the former “Q” host was “deeply disrespectful to employees” and sexually harassed some colleagues.

May 12, 2015
The Crown drops two of three new sex assault charges against Ghomeshi because of no reasonable prospect of conviction.

October 1, 2015
Ghomeshi pleads not guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

Jian Ghomeshi and his lawyer in court, day two of his trial, Feb. 2, 2016. MARIANNE BOUCHER/CITYNEWS

The trial:

February 1, 2016
First day of the Ghomeshi’s judge-only trial. The first of three complainants is cross-examined. She testifies that Ghomeshi grabbed her hair, yanked her down and punched her in the head multiple times over two incidents in 2002 and 2003.

February 2, 2016
Henein presents the court with flirtatious emails from the first complainant following the alleged assault, including a revealing photo of the woman in a bikini.

February 4, 2016
The trial’s second and only identified complainant, Lucy DeCoutere, takes the stand. DeCoutere testifies Ghomeshi pushed her against a wall, choked her and slapped her three times.

February 5, 2016
The defence produces numerous emails and a hand-written letter DeCoutere sent Ghomeshi following the alleged attack. “You kicked my ass last night and that makes me want to f— your brains out. Tonight,” DeCoutere wrote.

February 8, 2016
The third complainant testifies about an incident with Ghomeshi from 2003 and is cross-examined by Marie Henein.

February 9, 2016
A witness of DeCoutere’s is not able to appear in court due to a snowstorm in Halifax. A police statement given by the Trailer Park Boys actress Sarah Dunsworth is presented to the judge instead, along with old messages between her and DeCoutere.

February 10, 2016
Closing arguments are submitted by the Crown and the defence highlighting key arguments for Justice William Horkins to consider.

March 24, 2016
Justice William Horkins delivers his verdict, finding Ghomeshi not guilty of four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.