Police shoot and kill dog after boy attacked in Scarborough

By News Staff

Toronto police shot and killed a dog after it attacked an eight-year-old boy in a Scarborough backyard on Wednesday evening.

Police said a pit bull grabbed the boy by the throat at Conlins and Good roads, near Morningside Avenue and Ellesmere Road, at around 6 p.m.

The child was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

“Officers showed up on scene and found a pit bull holding a child by the neck,” explained Const. David Hopkinson. “Officers were able to fight the dog off and the dog attacked the officers, biting one of them. The dog was shot and died of its injuries.”

“None of the (child’s) injuries are life threatening, but it’s disturbing,” he added. “The officer’s injuries are fairly minor and he’ll be okay.”

Police say they aren’t releasing the name of the dog’s owner at this time because it could identify the victim.

The boy’s father told CityNews his son was attacked by the neighbour’s dog.

“I grabbed a stick and hit him and the dog wouldn’t let go so I called 911,” the dad told CityNews. “Then the police came with the batons and the dog lunged at the police officers and they had to shoot him.”

An investigation is ongoing. No charges have been laid.

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