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Will new green bins really end the free lunch for ravenous raccoons?

Last Updated Apr 27, 2016 at 5:24 am EDT

Is the free lunch really about to end for Toronto’s ravenous fleet of determined raccoons?

New raccoon-resistant green bins, twice the size of the old ones, will start rolling out to Scarborough residents this week.

They include a new latch feature that apparently can’t be opened by the thumb-less critters.

But at least one Mississauga resident believes he has evidence that the new bins aren’t impenetrable.

Eddie O’Toole says he’s had the new bin for three months, and in that time, raccoons have already gnawed through it.

A green bin in Mississauga that viewer Eddie O’Toole says was easily opened by raccoons. Image credit: Eddie O’Toole.

Rehrig Pacific designed the bins for Toronto, and company spokesperson Dennis Monesiter says the bins being introduced on Thursday are thicker than the ones used in Peel.

He also claims squirrels and rats are more likely to chew through the bins than raccoons.

Scarborough will be the first borough to get the new bins followed by Etobicoke and then North York.