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CityNews' Anna Vlachos considers charges after latest FHRITP incident

Last Updated Apr 28, 2016 at 6:20 pm EDT

If you were watching CItyNews at 11 on Tuesday night, you may have seen Anna Vlachos reporting live on a story about construction in Little Italy. You may have also heard an all-too-familiar vulgarity hurled into her microphone. As Vlachos, who is six months pregnant, spoke to viewers, a young man walked in front of the camera and slurred “FHRITP.”

Almost one year ago, on Mother’s Day, Shauna Hunt confronted a group of young men who were planning to bombard her in the same fashion while she reported live from a Toronto FC game. The ensuing confrontation triggered an international discussion and resulted in one young man temporarily losing his high-paying job at Hydro One.

Despite the obvious consequences, there’s been a recent flare up of FHRITP incidents directed at CityNews reporters.

A day after Vlachos endured the unsettling ambush, two more CityNews reporters, one male and one female, faced similar taunts while reporting from the street. Neither incident was caught on camera.

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Vlachos says she’s contemplating going to police.

“Someone has to take a stand,” she said. “And if it has to be me, then maybe it has to be me.”

She says the person who uttered the now-infamous phrase on Tuesday night didn’t seem to take the situation seriously. “He was laughing, he thought it was a joke, he was drunk.”

Vlachos pushed him away and then issued a warning that she’s considering following up on: “We have you on camera, expect a call from police.”

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What viewers didn’t see is what happened just before that. Another man riding by on a bike yelled the very same thing as she was rehearsing for her live hit.

“How dare you! That is the most vulgar thing … and you are saying it like a joke,” Vlachos said. “You don’t even know me, I am feeling so vulnerable because I am pregnant. Now I can’t even do my job properly.”