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Residents furious at prospect of losing homes for new TTC subway stop

Last Updated May 30, 2016 at 11:55 pm EDT

The proposed Scarborough subway extension is causing concern for some residents after they received a letter saying a new stop will run underneath their homes.

Plans for the subway will be unveiled at a public meeting on Tuesday, but some residents near Ellesmere Road and McCowan Road are already disgruntled about the latest proposal to the heavily debated transit expansion.

“In some cases we will be tunneling beneath homes and so residents need to be aware of that,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross explained.

The proposed Scarborough subway extension will run from Kennedy Station, along Eglinton Avenue East, north on Danforth Road and McCowan Road to Ellesmere Road. At this point two businesses and approximately eight homes will be affected by the line.

“It’s really about informing residents,” said Ross. “Your home may be required to be purchased by the city for the construction of the project.”

He added that residents may not want to live above a subway tunnel because of the noise and vibration.

Scott Cole, who has lived in his Scarborough bungalow for 26 years with his wife, said he will fight to stay in his home.

“Even if I lose in court they’re going to have to take me out of here,” said Cole. “I’m never leaving my home.”

Ross said that the meeting will go over plans and have a discussion with residents. Letters were also sent out asking people to contact them directly about their concerns.


But Cole said it won’t matter.

“He could offer me a million and a quarter, my answer is no,” he said. “This is my home.”

Another neighbour also said his reaction wasn’t pleasant when he received the letter at his home of 15 years, which also functions as his home business.

“I’m going to fight it,” said Vivek Bhatt. “They can’t just come here and uproot kids from school.”

He added he will attend the meeting on Tuesday to take up the matter.

“We want to know if it’s justified spending hundreds millions on this line that ends at Scarborough Town Centre,” said Bhatt.

Ross said that it is still early into the project to say how many residents will be impacted and what the extent of that impact could be, but they want to keep residents informed.

“We’re so early into this we need to let everybody know you may or may not be impacted but it is within the area of the construction project,” said Ross.

Residents who received a letter were asked to schedule a private meeting for Monday night at Scarborough Civic Centre and a public meeting between City staff, Toronto Real Estate and TTC will be taking place on Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.