Trending: Tampa Bay leaves draft strategy in hotel lobby, it goes viral

By News Staff

Going into the NHL draft, teams are notoriously tight-lipped about their strategies, because they don’t want other teams to have any idea what they’re thinking and who they’re dealing with.

Except for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Apparently the Lightning are so lax with their strategies that they’ll leave their top-secret information sitting in hotel lobbies for anyone to find.

On Thursday afternoon, someone found Tampa Bay’s draft strategies and values in a Buffalo hotel lobby and posted it on Twitter.

When Lightning brass found out about the leak, they asked him to take the information down … not expecting that they were dealing with a bit of a smart aleck.

The pair apparently took down the tweets as requested, but not before everyone got the goods on Tampa’s strategies.

Good luck trading that 27th pick to Philadelphia now, Mr. Yzerman!

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