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Can't find the pickles? New grocery store app promises to help

Aisle Magic is a grocery shopping app, currently only available for Android. Image credit: Aisle Magic

Eggs, milk, butter. Got it. But what about that one ingredient you only need once or twice a year? Or the time you duck into a No Frills far from home, and you can’t even find the toilet paper?

One app developer wants to help shoppers navigate their way through the grocery store, with aisle-based information.

Aisle Magic promises to save customers “time and effort,” no matter what they’re looking for.

In a blog post on July 7, founder Rajiv Oberoi said shopping trips could be 20 per cent faster with the app.

Users make a grocery list in the app, and then the app shows exactly where each item is, and groups similar items together.

The app is currently only available on Android, and for about 40 No Frills stores in the GTA.

However, the company hopes to expand.

Oberoi isn’t the first developer to target grocery stores: Flashfood allows shoppers to buy surplus or soon-to-be-expired food at a discount, while Flipp is all about comparison shopping. Checkout51, meanwhile, offers customers cash back for buying certain items.