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Fall in Love Friday: Kaiogi, 11-year-old dog

Kaiogi is an 11-year-old dog who, just like Sweet Pea, was taken in by Rescue Dogs Match.

Rescue Dogs Match takes in dogs from all over southern Ontario, including strays, dogs that have been surrendered, and dogs that are destined for high-kill shelters. It is volunteer-run and all dogs live in a foster home – not a central location – before adoption.

Kaiogi is a lively, energetic dog who also loves to cuddle. He’ll curl up on the couch while watching TV, and will snuggle under the covers at night. He’s also a foodie. Staff at Rescue Dogs Match used the phrase “counter-surfer” to describe how much he loves to get his paws on treats.

Kaiogi currently lives with two dogs and a cat, but would also do well as an only pet. He needs a fenced-in yard, and would not do well in a condo or apartment. Kaiogi, like all Miniature Pinschers, was originally bred as a guard dog and is a barker.

He also has diabetes, so he needs a family that can not only handle giving him his needles twice a day, but also the cost of his medication. It’s about $150 a month.

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