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Toronto Bulk Barn trading in plastic bags for reusable containers

Last Updated Sep 27, 2016 at 7:11 pm EDT

A Bulk Barn store in Toronto has started allowing customers to bring in their own reusable containers as part of a pilot project the company hopes to expand.

The Liberty Village location, which opened in July, was chosen to start the test project on Sept. 23. Bulk Barn hopes the number of millennials who live in the area will take to the environmentally-friendly method.

“People are happy; they are excited; they’ve been waiting for this,” said Jason Ofield, executive vice president of marketing at Bulk Barn “They’ve been looking for us to step up and give them the ability to shop waste-free.”

The slogan for the program is, “Clean. Weigh. Scoop. Pay.”

Customers are encouraged to bring in their own containers, which they must have weighed before they start scooping. Employees will inspect the containers for chips, cracks, stains, debris, dirt, rust or residual food.

The container or bag must be reusable, designed for food and never have been used for chemicals. Paper and plastic bags cannot be used.

Ofield said if a container does not measure up to the standard, a Mason jar can be purchased for $3.29.

Many customers in the store on Tuesday were just finding out about the new project and said next time they would bring their own containers.

Guess what I did today!?!?! I took my own containers to Bulk Barn and they let me! That is right! Bulk Barn is piloting #byoc at my local store in Liberty Village in Toronto! If all goes well, I hope they expand this to their other stores. I took my containers and these three passed the inspection. The plastic container that you get olives in from the grocery store however did not pass. They said it was because of how soft the plastic was that you couldn’t get it hot enough to actually clean it. Oh well, won’t bring that kind next time. But the ones pictured here, zip lock container, salsa jar and yogurt container all passed. They tared the containers and put little stickers on them then I filled them, careful not to touch the scoop to the container. I picked up some cardamom pods, fusili pasta and some green split peas. Also picked up some vanilla beans but they sell those in glass tubes. Already made some vanilla extract with vodka. Excited that Bulk Barn is taking the initiative. It shows that customers input and requests are taken into consideration sometimes! #zerowasteto #zerowaste #BulkBarn #bulkisbeautiful #lesswaste #buybulk #buyless #torontowaste #toronto #bulktoronto #bringyourowncontainer #lessplastic #noplastic #saynotodisposables #refusereuse #usewhatyouhave #buyonlywhatyouneed

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