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Ryerson professor's gesture filling stomachs and warming hearts

Last Updated Oct 10, 2016 at 11:52 pm EDT

The word is out. Roy Morley is one stand-up guy.

The long-time Ryerson marketing professor crafted the perfect message Friday to his students for Thanksgiving, one that offered a free meal to any student in need, writing:

Good Evening Everyone,

Thanksgiving is upon us and I know some of you will be doing nothing special, perhaps because you are here alone, have no close family, no money, etc.

So, here’s the deal, and it’s our little secret.

Drop by Swiss Chalet (they have a Thanksgiving Special), or somewhere else, and have a meal on me. Simply send me an email with some name of your choice, e.g. Batman, Superman, Superwoman, Robin Hood, etc.

No questions asked, and no reason or justification necessary. Just send me a name of your choice, so you remain anonymous, and after Reading Week I’ll pin up envelopes outside my office with the name on the outside and $20 on the inside.

Our little secret, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes,


Morley told CityNews Monday he’s shocked by the response he’s received after a student posted his message on Facebook. Out of his 200 students, many have taken him up on his offer and promised in turn to pay it forward.

“A few hundred dollars is meaningless and if $20 means so much to an individual, I think that’s the least we can do.”

Morley has been a professor at Ryerson University for 32 years.