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Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Why not let pizza decide

Last Updated Nov 8, 2016 at 10:24 am EST

As if the presidential election south of the boarder wasn’t heated enough, a North American pizzeria is making sure Canadians have a vote

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria has launched a pizza poll, creating a Hillary and a Donald dish.

In a YouTube Video, the restaurant says a man by the name of ‘Jimmy’, a dual citizen, will be casting his vote in the upcoming elections based on the pizza poll.

“I’m really putting together two really important things to me, the elections that’s going to affect a lot of us in Canada and pizza,” ‘Jimmy’ tells CityNews in a phone interview. “I’m letting pizza, which has been a guiding light in my life, guide my decision.”

The Hillary is topped with aged blue cheese, smoked chicken and arugula. While the Donald, consists of American pepperoni, sausage, orange cheese, and jalapenos not from Mexico.

Three days into the campaign, the restaurant has already sold 300, each one will count for a vote. The winner of the contest will then be announced after the election.

And if you’re wondering which pizza the anonymous voter prefers, don’t hold your breath. He’s just as confused about that as he is about the actual election.

“They’re both delicious,” he explains. “I’m going to have to try them again to make my final choice.”

Taking the election into the kitchen can cause further confusion for voters who are foodies. Should you cast a ballot for the better tasting pizza or the candidate you prefer?

“Make the political choice on who’d you rather choose,” ‘Jimmy’ insists. “Let the pizza surprise you.”

You can #VoteWithPizza until Nov. 1 at the North of Brooklyn Pizzeria locations, on Church and Maitland or on Queen St. West.

Update Nov. 8: The Donald pizza took 54 per cent of the vote, to Hillary’s 46 per cent.