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Is precarious work the new norm for job seekers?

Last Updated Oct 26, 2016 at 7:49 pm EST

More than a few stomachs churned when Finance Minister Bill Morneau recently warned scores of Canadians seeking employment to get used to “job churn,” contract work, and several career changes over the course of their lives.

His comments were directed primarily at millennials, many whom will never revel in the employment perks their parents enjoyed — full time work, job security, and a good pension.

But as CityNews reporter Nicole Martin learned, it’s not just young people who are feeling job anxiety.

On Wednesday, Martin attended a job fair at Roy Thomson Hall, where people of all ages, from all walks of life, shared their struggles.

Here’s a few of the people she profiled. Watch the video above for her full report.

Name: Niha
Age: 24
How long she’s been looking for work: about a year
What type of work are you looking for: finance or communications
Quote: “About 80 or 90 per cent of my friends that came out of university are still in contract roles.”


Name: Andre
Age: 37
How long he’s been looking for work: six months
What type of work are you looking for: sales/customer service
Quote: “You have your ups and downs and woes, but … you can find a job if you put your feet to the pavement and do it.”


Name: Mike
Age: 54
How long he’s been looking for work: a few months
What type of work are you looking for: customer service/technical
Quote: “It’s extremely tough. Of course there are lot of opportunities, but it’s tough because the competition is high … It’s a struggle.”

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